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  • the benefits of people being able to find a bit about you

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Manage your online presence worksheet from The Internet for Academics

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"Straight to the point and insightful content."

"This course made it clear the most essential aspects of a personal website and social media to get started with to build and academic brand. This is a great way to begin and I know that Jennifer is an expert we can check-in with and hire for extra support."

"This course is getting me moving in the right direction. I definitely feel more confident in my ability to navigate social media and I vastly improved my profiles. I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of my changes!"

"I was pretty familiar with most of the types of networks. I do think I'm going to make a central website though. Thanks!"

"Jennifer provided effective practices for working with social media as an academic attempting to communicate their research to a broader, public audience."

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I'm Jennifer van Alstyne (@HigherEdPR). I work with faculty, researchers, and scholarly organizations to share how and what they do effectively through my company, The Academic Designer LLC.

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This training is designed to take you through the 1st steps. We'll talk about things like

  • social media
  • personal websites / online portfolios
  • networking

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