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I'm Jennifer van Alstyne (@HigherEdPR), and I'm so excited for you to join me.

Managing your online presence in academia has so many benefits. If you're like the people in my courses, you're ready to

  • communicate your work with a larger audience
  • connect with your scholarly network
  • create lasting relationships through networking
  • be in control over your online presence

My top-rated Higher Education blog, The Social Academic, is packed full of free content like advice articles and feature interviews. Now, it's a podcast. And we're sharing even more live content on YouTube!

Enroll in my free course, The Internet for Academics. Join grad students, researchers, and academics from 24+ countries in taking the 1st steps.

Cross-Platform Social Media for Academics

Not sure which social media platforms are right for academics like you? Start with this breakdown of the platforms.

This comprehensive training teaches you how to write for social media on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Learn content planning, social media scheduling, graphic design, and more.

Equivalent to a full-day social media workshop, learn at your own pace. This writing-focused course will help you

  • communicate your work on social media
  • brag the right way
  • and reach an audience that cares
Social Media Guide on phone

Create Your Academic Personal Website

I wrote a full guide on how to make your personal academic website on The Social Academic. Many people need more help, on things like

  • planning your website
  • writing content like your bio
  • photography
  • graphic design

This course walks you through the process from plan-to-launch. You get the same advice and exclusive tips as my 1:1 website clients while learning to do-it-yourself.

Plus, get the email and live office hour support you need along the way.

Personal Website